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Godox TT685S + X1T-S , Appears to hit the mark.

Just got the Godox TT685SS and X1T-S radio transmitter.  It seems to work as expected both mounted on my A7RII and remotely as a slave using the X1T-S transmitter. Haven't tried it yet to optically trigger my HVL-F43M though or use it as an optical slave. The features offered and build quality of both units is very impressive for the price. I've compared these to three excellent 600EX-RT I own for my Canon System. Before this unit one of the biggest [...]

Yongnuo YN685 vs YN660 vs YN600EX-RT

All three flash units use different RF systems. The YN-600EX RT and YN-E3-RT are compatible with the Canon 600EX RT and ST-E3-RT.   The YN-685 has a built in YN-622 receiver. It can be used with a YN-622C on Canon cameras or with the appropriate YN-622-TX on either Canon or Nikon cameras.   The only reference to the YN-660 I can find is this one. It appears that this flash is an upgraded YN-560 IV that can use 6 groups instead of 3 and [...]